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WHY MyLead?


We have over five years of experience in the affiliate industry. During this time, we have paid more than $ 8 million to our publishers.


We provide you with everything you need. Our platform is a huge but extremely intuitive place to earn money.


The biggest industry portals about earning online consider us as the best affiliate network. We have also won the unique "Rising Star" award.




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Your leads deserve individual approach


MyLead offers over 1000 partner programs divided into dozens of categories. You will always find the perfect product for yourself!


We have our own unique systems for advanced users. Smartlinks, deeplinks, API, postback, Content Locker - we have it all.


You can count on MyLead team 24 hours a day. We are at your disposal anytime and anywhere.

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The #1 tool for creating affiliate perfomance marketing

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We know PeerClick tracker is a good tool because we use it every day. We built it to help us and other thousands marketers with ad campaign optimization.

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PeerClick - perfomance cloud based AI powered ad tracking solution Ad Tracking solution

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“PeerClick is a great tool to strengthen affiliate activities. We tested them with MyLead partner programs, and the results exceeded our expectations. I strongly recommend it - it is worth using it.”
PeerClick Testimonial from Daniella Kravtsova Head of Affiliate Marketing MyLead
Bartosz Magielski

Marketing & Affiliate Manager MyLead

Frequently Asked Quetions

When you log in to Peerclick for the first time, you will be guided around the panel. Additionally, once you buy a plan you'll receive onboarding emails and will be offered a group webinar or an individual onboarding, depending on your chosen plan.

Sure. PeerClick has pre-defined MyLead postback template.That's why setting up MyLead with PeerClick takes only a couple of clicks.

In collaboration with MyLead team we have prepared special pricing for all MyLead users. Please choose plan you need and start up quickly.